231: Getting Credit for Service Learning Abroad

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Guest: Bernie Weigand

I'm a licensed k-12 teacher in California and Oregon with endorsements that include Language Arts, Art, Spanish, French, Math and ESOL/Bilingual. I enjoy writing, making art, and homesteading.

Creativity is a human trait to express in many ways. Writing, actually seeing one's thoughts, is a distinctly human, wonderful tool, an expressive outlet that breaks the time barrier. I am writing an adaptable "template" curriculum, Ambassador Service Study, AmbaSS, to facilitate earning academic credit for doing student-centred, service learning projects while living with local people abroad, anywhere. Writing and reflection are integral parts of AmbaSS.

I'm convinced that learning is deeply relational, based in the sharing of experiences, language and culture. Young people today need the perspective of other languages and cultures in order to perceive and understand their own, especially in this ever-shrinking, more connected world. Learning another language connects more people to learn from each other. Connecting is what humans DO. Our ability to do it well can grow, and needs to. Because our world needs more understanding of our human diversity, AmbaSS exists.

Brick & mortar and online learning both have their important place, but face-to-face seems the best way to learn another language and culture. Our own language and culture was learned just that way: in real-time, same-place relationship. Immersing oneself in any experience is the best way to learn, to be engaged.




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