EP277 - Playing In My Face (feat @sayitaintporsh)

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Welcome back to shoptalkpodcast EP277! The fellas are back for another week of foolishness! Dame kicks it off this week with a Story Time w/Dame story, discusses the wild week he had, and talks about taking his son to college.

The fellas are joined in the studio by @sayitaintporsh and friend @shannonkendra. The ladies join in on a myriad of topics including Kendrick Lamar, New music released by Detroit Artist, Boosie on the breakfast club, and more.

We then get to know @sayitaintporsh a little more and discuss her recent project Mood Swings, influences in rap, how she got started and more.

We had a really good time in the studio with the ladies so I hope you enjoy!

Music Pick - Porsh Party

Who's Mans - MLK being added into Fornite

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