S2 - Ep18 - Charles Camisasca discusses selling on Amazon and how he can offer a shortcut for you get started and avoid the mistakes most sellers make

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Charles Camisasca spent 6 years working as a Technology & Management Consultant for some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the US, like Procter & Gamble, JP Morgan, Nissan, Wells Fargo, and Lockheed Martin.
However, entrepreneurship always seemed to be calling him. Since 2018, Charles has been starting and growing e-commerce businesses. His 4 brands have done hundreds of thousands in sales and allowed him to quit his full time consulting job.
Most recently, Charles became inspired to help others to start and grow their online businesses. The E-Commerce Boardroom is the intersection of his experience as a leading management & technology consultant and his expertise in e-commerce. “The Boardroom” (as it’s known to brand insiders) offers a library of free best practices for aspiring entrepreneurs. In 2021, Charles published his first book, ‘How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business’, to share his unique e-commerce methodology with the world.
Up next for Charles is the release of the Boardroom App, a SaaS data management tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs, scheduled for Q2 of 2021.
About his company
The E-Commerce Boardroom is an incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. Many side hustlers spend months combing through websites, blogs, and YouTube channels, searching for the "right way" to start an online business. The E-Commerce Boardroom offers a shortcut. We empower entrepreneurs with free but valuable information that many sites charge money for - because we believe the best practices shouldn't be a mystery. We enable the go-getter to take action and start their business through our DIY courses - because even if you have no idea what product you want to sell, a tiny budget, and no connections, you CAN launch a successful online store. And for those looking to grow, we offer 1-on-1 consulting and services that will help you optimize your site and scale your business.
Want to get started and learn how to sell on Amazon. Join The Boardroom Bootcamp today.

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