Eps 352 - Randy Orton vs Kenny Omega! Who Is The BEST Wrestler In The World?

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The big debate this week is who is the best wrestler in the world? The two candidates were Randy Orton and Kenny Omega after Jim Ross had referred to them on his podcast, and my word, did this cause a storm. As ever there is no answer because you are an individual and will have your own opinions, but still. We also get into WWE RAW, SmackDown, and everything happening with AEW as well as talk about the recent A&E Ultimate Warrior documentary. Wanna come on the podcast? You can! Head on over to www.patreon.com/SimonMiller316! Sponsored by www.pinsandknuckles.com. MERCH: simonmiller.bigcartel.com WATCH THE PODCAST LIVE ON YOUTUBE - www.youtube.com/channel/UC5YhP-H5snGgi6dOE8vj-aA - AND TWITCH - www.twitch.tv/simonmiller316.

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