RVing Baja Exceeds All Expectations With Nicole Demme Kapturowski

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Nicole Demme Kapturowski is an avid RV enthusiast who recently spent a month exploring Baja with her parents, husband, and two teenaged children. The family caravan consisted of a dual-cab pickup pulling a 33' travel trailer followed by her parents in a Class-A motorhome. Nicole brought up the rear in her parent's car that they would typically tow, but they unhitched and drove due to the narrow roads.

The New York resident bubbled with enthusiasm as she described her trip planning. "We have a full plate. My husband retired in 2019 because he has stage 4 cancer, but he's doing very well. We're just trying to make the most of our time and not be the cancer family—much the same way with my son, who's autistic. I try not to let that define us. We're not the family with the autistic child; we're just another family out there doing things and living our life. We try not to let those things define us. With my husband being retired. And me working remotely. And the kids both studying remotely in school gave us the opportunity to have this extended experience together. Once we planned it all out, my parents, who are retired, and used to RV 20 years ago, said they would buy an RV and join us. So we started this cross-country, international journey together in our little caravan."

In this conversation, Nicole shares her heart-felt endorsement for Baja as an RV travel destination. Moved by the kindness of strangers and stunned by the warmth, attention, and care shown to her autistic son, she eloquently posted about it on Talk Baja. The post received over 2700 likes, 410 comments, and 200 shares! Read her Talk Baja post on Facebook here. Slow Baja approves of her message and encourages you to get out and travel!

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