#242 - First Family Of Serial Murder - Carr, Colorado

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This week, in Carr, Colorado, the grisly discovery of a young woman's body leads to the uncovering of maybe the strangest clan of murderers that the US has ever seen. A multigenerational family of carnival workers, and short order cooks, who travel the country, robbing people, and eventually committing one of the most horrific string of murders that has ever been seen, before, or since. Young women snatched from all night donut shops, grocery stores, and other very brazen locations. All while the wives & kids, waited in the car. It's an insane tale, that should be known by all, and somehow, isn't!

Along the way, we find out that not all of Colorado is beautiful mountains, that kidnapping a store employee, while that store is open for business might not be the brightest move, and that you can't commit Bundy amounts of murder, and not expect people to notice!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

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