Ep 2 - What Do You Need To Know About Credit

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If there’s one thing that nobody wants to talk or think about, it is credit. It is a scary subject and a significant part of being an adult. Know exactly what is meant by a credit score, where this score comes from, what opening different lines of credit entails, whether you should or shouldn’t get a credit card. Barry helps you navigate through it, from building credit to how to increase it. Before you look for homes for sale in Spring, Pearland, Sugar Land, Katy and surrounding areas, Let's get that credit together.
I hope you are getting your questions answered about this crazy process. There is alot of confusing information out there on the web, that’s why I started this podcast. To help first time home buyers in ! Tell your friends, family, and perhaps that random neighbor you REALLY want to move out about So You Want To Buy A House? A good easy way is to hit the share button and text it to your friends. Help your friends and family. And if you’re not already a regular listener, please subscribe. If you are a regular and learned something, help me help others – give the show a quick review in Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. We can change the way the real estate industry treats first time homebuyers....one buyer at a time – and make sure your friends and family don’t get screwed by going into this HUGE step blind and confused.

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