The Power of Alternatively Funding Your Business with Eden Amirav of Lending Express

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For hundreds of years, banks were one of the only ways to achieve the funding necessary to start your own business. And with roughly 10% of the United States population being entrepreneurs in 2018, most small businesses owners have had to work out some kind of lending agreement with a local bank.
But with the rise of the internet, companies have been popping up as alternative options to help fund businesses and projects that a bank might not. Joining us to discuss alternative lending is Eden Amirav, CEO of Lending Express, to discuss how his company helps match small business owners with potential lenders, and also to discuss the future of the alternative lending industry. "One great thing about how this industry is that it puts away all racial stuff or unfair treatment because these lenders and also us are looking at just simple, financial data. We don't in person know who's signing up so we have to treat everyone equal," Amirav said.
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