080: Moody's Outlook for Higher Education

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Show Notes:

Michael Osborn, VP & Senior Analyst with Moody’s Investors Service, joins us this week to discuss the credit worthiness, financial liability, and growth projections of higher education.

Featured Quotes:

And I would say, while we moved it (the credit outlook for higher education) to stable, it’s not that we think everything is substantially better and that the challenges are over. In fact, this report doesn’t shy away from many of the challenges that are facing the sector. It’s that we think that there is stability in this “new normal” of higher education . . .
Michael Osborn, Moody’s Investors Service

…one thing that we’re looking at is a university’s program review assessment period. How often are they assessing or reviewing programs and what is the schematic for assessment and maybe taking programs offline, or adding programs?
Michael Osborn, Moody’s Investors Service

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