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Bob Marley once sung: One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain. Got the Sunday Blues? Worrying about the long week ahead? Well worry no more – Alex and Tom are here to help you feel no pain! Known for their exquisite music taste and averagely informative conversation, they have taken to the air waves with a new show. These two old friends bonded one stormy Newcastle night over their enthusiasm for music, real ale and inability to remember the simplest of music facts. Fast forward 10 years and now they’re on a mission to unify Wandsworth and the world through the celebration of great music (and so-so chat). Join Alex and Tom for some highly entertaining, if slightly shambolic listening on Sunday night! Enjoy a reinterpretation of your favourite tune at the Covers Club or take a trip with the boys to the Sample Safe – an opportunity to find out where some of the greatest samples came from. The Sonic Scrapbook is a mix-tape show with heart and soul – crafted especially so you feel no pain on a Sunday evening. Missed an episode? Fortunately for you they are all archived on Mixcloud here: Get in touch by e-mailing the boys:

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