#30 Less is More with Jonathan Bowman-Perks

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This week Stephynie is speaking with Jonathan Bowman-Perks. Jonathan is a talented leadership coach to hundreds of chairman, CEO's and executive boards around the globe and the Host of the 'Inspiring Leadership' Podcast.

He started to sharpen his leadership skills when he joined the British army as a young man. Even after facing challenges in life like Dyslexia and a Cancer scare Jonathan chooses to see the positive and all things. He talks to us about servant leadership, the dangers of comparison and how failures ultimately lead to success. Stay tuned to learn how you can improve your own leadership skills from one of the best leaders on the globe.


00:00- Spin It Intro

00:33- Jonathan Bowmen-Perks Intro

01:11- Introductory Comments

01:55- Jonathan's Early Life

08:04- Growing up and Pushing through Dyslexia

14:00- Going Away to Boarding School

17:27- The difference between Leading and Managing

19:33- “People may forget what you say but will never forget how you make them feel!”

21:37- Really Good Leaders have the Best Questions

25:12- Jonathan's Love for Assumptions

26:22- How the Cancer Scare affected Jonathan

29:23- How Jonathan's Health Correlates with His Success

33:01- Sorting through Trauma

36:43- Steer Away from being Competitive and Comparative

42:29- Development tools for the Next Generation of Kids

47:07- Jonathan's Links and Podcast Info

47:52- Spin It Outro

Jonathan's Website and Social Links:

Website: https://jonathanperks.com/

Podcast- Inspiring Leadership with Jonathan Bowman-Perks : https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/inspiring-leadership-with-jonathan-bowman-perks-mbe/id1485102253

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanperks/?originalSubdomain=uk

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