The Communion of Saints

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In this podcast, Fr. Peter Armenio explains an important aspect regarding the Communion of Saints: "the holier you are, the more you help the Church, the more you help the world; it's that simple, that challenging as well." If we want to help the Church, we need to become holier, so that by our deeds of love and charity we will draw many souls to Christ.
St. Josemaria Escriva said, "The Communion of Saints. How shall I explain it to you? You've heard what blood transfusions do for the body. Well, that's what the Communion of Saints does for the soul" (The Way, no. 544).
The Lord calls us to sanctity, and illustrates the meaning of sanctity by preaching to us about the corporal works of mercy. Our Lord's heart contains everyone, the whole Church, such that whatever we do for the least among us, we do for Our Lord, Himself. And our works of love can also go so far as to merit great spiritual benefit for the holy souls in purgatory, who will in turn help us by their prayers.
"The results of the Communion of Saints are real," says Fr. Peter, "and they surface, not immediately, but surely [...] the ones who extend the Kingdom are those intimately united to Christ."
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