The Struggle for Heaven

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In this podcast, Msgr. Fred Dolan underscores the perennial importance of persevering in our ascetical or interior struggle for "going higher and higher, doing whatever it takes to aim high, and to reach Heaven."
We know that the Christian life is not compatible with self-satisfied mediocrity, love of comfort, and lukewarmness. We need great moral strength to reach Heaven and that means a daily perseverance towards sanctity. Therefore, as Msgr. Dolan explains, "to go higher and to get there requires a 'struggle' or 'warfare'... against the enemies of our sanctity, which include pride, laziness, love of comfort, sensuality, and a whole host of others."
With practical advice and anecdotes from the life of St. Josemaria, Msgr. Dolan encourages us to fight our daily interior battles through which the discipline of a plan of work, good use of time, and small sacrifices will keep us exercising control over our appetites and keep us from falling into dissipation and lukewarmness.
As you end this time of prayer, looking ahead into the new season and keeping your eyes on Heaven, what struggles do you want to conquer with a positive, cheerful, constant, and energetic spirit?
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