First Week of Advent: Conversion and Contrition

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In this podcast for the First Week of Advent, Fr. Fred Dolan helps us to reflect on this time that we are given to prepare for that central moment in history when God took on our flesh and began to walk among us. Advent is a time to ready ourselves for our eventual meeting with the very person whom we are awaiting and trying to imitate, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Advent, therefore, is a time for conversion. We should not be content with making a few small adjustments that really don’t make much of a difference in our transformation in Christ. Instead, we should aim for the stars seeking the kind of transformation and conversion that the Holy Spirit longs to bring about in our souls so that we can become what he wants us to become. We want a conversion that reaches every aspect of our being.
Through the intercession of Our Lady, we can ask for growth in the contemplative spirit so that we decide freely and lovingly to find Our Lord in everything we do and to allow us to see everything from God’s point of view.
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