Stage of Fools

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"Stage of Fools" is a nine episode comedy. It follows an intrepid troupe of Community Theatre performers as they mount "How High the Moon" a musical that never was, nor ever should be. The theatre troupe has just closed their version of " the Raw" that was a financial disaster placing Bayview Playhouse at the brink of closing. They decide they get one last shot and choose to produce a musical written by one of their own. "How High the Moon" is a cross between "Romeo and Juliet" and "Twilight." Yeah, that’s right Vampires and Werewolves. The Fangs versus the Claws. But that’s not the real story. It is, at its heart, a story of the people whose passion is found in a community theatre, and those who give their all to the next show, whatever it may be. The archetypes are all in place, the Ingenue, the Diva, the Techies, the Front Office, and like any classic comedy there’s a wedding at the end.

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