742: String Theory & The House that Death Forgot [EXPLICIT Horror]

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String Theory & The House that Death Forgot 🏠
EXPLICIT - NSFW - Covers themes of torture, gore and more. Not for little ears.
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The House that Death Forgot by Josh Parker
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A teenager discovers one day, that he can see strings attached to the objects and people around him. Strings that when touched…tamper with the world around him. Will he meddle with the mechanics of the universe, or will he discover a truth that he wish he never had…bloody hell folks, this kid can’t keep his hands to himself so it might as well be both, in your first tale String Theory.
And Melinda receives a call from her father, a nefarious call that changes her life forever. Leading her down a dark road where death stands still…treating you like a toy in his playground of the dead, with your second tale The House that Death forgot. Disclaimer this episode is not for little ears. Covers death, gore, and torture, so this content is explicit. Turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and let’s listen to something, creepy.
I hope you all love the episode mates! Enjoy!
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