Michael Cullen Ranger Station Redux

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The nostalgia for the pre-lockdown times continues this week as we revisit one of our fav episodes from our first season. From IN-studio back in early 2020. We'll return to a good place like this soon. Enjoy. We'll see you back at the Treefort Ranger Station! Miss you fine people! Stay safe, smart, kind, and happy holidays! Original show notes below.

Season 2 launches 2/1/21!

This week, hosts Larry Rosen Joe Davidson sit down with Treefort superstar Michael Cullen to find out more about the story behind his start with the festival, more information about his work with The Ranger Station, and what the future has in store for him here in Boise, Idaho.

You can learn more about Treefort Music Fest, see the full schedule, buy tickets and download the app at www.treefortmusicfest.com

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