Recruiting plow drivers, preparing for winter travel and the view from the cab

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As early-November snow accumulates in Michigan, this week’s Talking Michigan Transportation podcast includes conversations about preparing for winter.

First, Mark Geib, MDOT engineer of operations and administrator of statewide maintenance programs, talks about the efforts of MDOT and other road agencies to recruit and train snowplow operators during a pandemic-related work force shortage.

Geib says he and others are looking for ways to reduce the 450,000 tons of salt MDOT uses each year at a cost of about $30 million per year.

Later, veterans of MDOT maintenance forces, Jerry Danforth and Mike Golip, talk about their experiences plowing snow and the need for other vehicle drivers to keep a safe distance.

Geib also discusses innovations MDOT is studying to conserve salt use by using brine and other agricultural products, providing environmental benefits.

MDOT employees Danforth and Golip, who in addition to other maintenance duties have spent a fair amount of time behind the wheel of a snowplow, talk about what they’ve seen from the cab.

For a list of MDOT job postings and to apply online, visit

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