Cheaper Than Therapy: Episode 21 Featuring Angela Lechner, A Blast From The Past In Santa Cruz CA

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Welcome to the 21st episode of Cheaper Than Therapy! The free bartender call in advice podcast. Call (213)465-0837 and leave us your questions, Shana, Adhel and our top shelf guests will answer them on our weekly podcast. Warning, Warning.. High Voltage! This is a podcast featuring the one and only Angela Lechner. This episode isn't for the weak ear holes. there is cursing and stories from the past days lived by Shana and Angela. Friends from 2nd grade these two have many many stories of haunting memories from their days in Santa Cruz and the bar scene. They somehow kept each other alive and are here to tell some of their stories. (some will be kept in the vaults forever!) Follow Angela on Instagram: Thanks to everyone who called in and all the great questions. Now go ahead, grab yourselves something to drink, sit back and let's go on a journey into the magical world of bartending. Shana, Adhel and anyone affiliated with TalkTales the Podcast and TalkTales Entertainment LLC are not licensed therapists or mental health experts. All callers call at their own will and TalkTales Entertainment llc holds no liability to any person who calls into TalkTales the Podcast. If your or anyone you know is having an emergency or need mental medical attention, call 911. National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) TalkTales is intended for an audience 21 years and older. We promote responsible drinking and absolutely no drinking and driving. Book a cocktail class with us! Instagram

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