TCBCast 220: The Complete 50s Masters Box Set - The 30th Anniversary

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Gurdip returns just in time to cover the winning subject of our Patreon poll: the impact and our memories of the 1992 box set "The King of Rock and Roll: The Complete 50s Masters." As the centerpiece of the early "Elvis in the 90s" campaign run by BMG, The 50s Masters set, once described by Rolling Stone as a "Rosetta Stone of rock," was hugely formative in many Gen-X & millenial fans' appreciation for Elvis's music, and fun is had between Justin and Gurdip reminiscing about the set.

For Song of the Week, like a Mississippi bullfrog sitting on a hollow stump, Gurdip doesn't know which way to jump after being out of the water so long, so he loosens up with "Flip, Flop and Fly," the spiritual sequel to Big Joe Turner's "Shake Rattle and Roll" that Elvis mashed up on his first TV appearance in 1955.

Then, Justin takes a closer look at the history of arguably the best song from 1967's Clambake, "You Don't Know Me," and its famed country songwriter, Cindy Walker, who took an idea from Eddy Arnold and crafted an iconic standard.

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58:00: SotW: Flip Flop & Fly

1:12:30 SotW: You Don't Know Me

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