Episode 134: Proper late night energy on the pod.

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Hey in this episode Pete (@mr_van_w) and Shawtima (@shawtimasmiles) talk about:

Stuff. Not gonna lie, there’s some late night energy going on here and Pete ended up spending a considerable amount of time unwell this week (hence the late ep). But here we are.

Here is Stile for our Science teacher friends: https://stileapp.com/login no add here but check it out. It’s genuinely useful. Tell them Pete and Shawtima sent you, they won’t care.

We come back to some things that we’ve been talking about and trying, to let you know how they went.

Then there are some articles. Shawti talks about this article on the Conversation


Go us. Anyway, I’m going back to bed til I feel better.

Also, join Pete on Pokemon GO! His trainer number is 1783 2412 6146. For real, do it. He plays and sends gifts daily.

Support the podcast on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/CatfishEducation, it really really helps us keep this regular.

Stay Shiny Pony Boy!

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