09 The Real, Raw & Hard -- An Update on Life Lately

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Today's episode was super healing to film. While Jon and I love to share our successes and crazy adventures with you, we also feel it's extremely important to share real life... the less exciting valleys that come with running a business. As we currently walk through a valley with our business, The Cookie Crate, we decided to bring you along to get a view point of the "not so pretty" side of owning a business in a struggling economy. We held off filming this episode until we had done some major heart work in order to ensure this episode would not be a pity party shared from a victim mindset, but instead a glimmer of our hope and faith in Jesus Christ. Trusting He has beauty in this season of our lives and we will come out even more rooted in our faith, steadfast and with hearts of gratitude. Join us today as we share our hearts with you.

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