#100 - Modern Software Engineering - Dave Farley

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“Engineering discipline is the most effective, efficient way of doing high-quality work. If our software development practices do not allow us to build better software faster, we should really change them because they are not engineering."

Dave Farley is the co-author of the Jolt award-winning book “Continuous Delivery” and runs the popular “Continuous Delivery” YouTube channel on software engineering topics. In this episode, we discussed Dave’s latest book, “Modern Software Engineering”. Dave started by explaining his view on modern software engineering and why it emphasizes on practices for building better software faster. Dave described the foundations of the software engineering discipline and explained the core competencies we need to succeed by becoming experts at both learning and managing complexity. Dave also explained the importance of understanding technology fundamentals, improving software readability, and handling software complexity by managing concurrency and coupling. Towards the end, Dave shared some other tools in the modern software engineering toolkit that include Continuous Delivery.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:08:01]
  • Modern Software Engineering - [00:12:19]
  • Better Software Faster - [00:14:58]
  • Software Engineering - [00:17:22]
  • Expert at Learning - [00:20:37]
  • Why Agile Not Enough - [00:26:34]
  • Expert at Managing Complexity - [00:31:49]
  • Importance of Fundamentals & Readability - [00:36:01]
  • Concurrency & Coupling - [00:43:57]
  • Other Modern Software Engineering Tools - [00:51:29]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:57:42]


Dave Farley’s Bio
Dave Farley, founder and consultant for Continuous Delivery Ltd., has been a programmer, software engineer, and systems architect since the early days of modern computing. With Jez Humble, Farley coauthored the best-seller Continuous Delivery. As Head of Software Development for the LMAX, he built one of the world’s fastest financial exchanges. One of the earliest adopters of agile techniques employing iterative development, continuous integration, and high levels of automated testing, he also coauthored the Reactive Manifesto.

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