Episode #83 Joe Montague - 100 weeks of Isolated Drums special. How I transcribe, record and give away drum stems for Beatles songs and more!

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While a lot of people celebrated the jubilee last week, we also celebrated a milestone here at That 60s HQ. Last week, we officially hit 100 weeks of 'Isolated Drums' newsletters, which means there are 100 songs with full drums stems available for free on the website! In this episode, I'm talking about what my Isolated Drums newsletters are all about and how they came to be. I also talk about how I transcribe the drum parts, and what microphones and techniques I use to record the track with some of that 60s flavour! Whether you've been using my drum stems for months or this is the first you've heard about them, this episode will give you the backstory and details on how and why I do this!

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