The Wendigo

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Welcome back to That Haunted Show, I'm glad you've stuck around!

In today's episode we're going to be looking into the creepy as Hell cryptid that is the Wendigo. Looking at Native American folklore to the creature that can be seen on our own big screens today, we will try and understand what this creature actually is and what to do should you ever come across one yourself.

They're definitely one Hell of a creature, with supernatural abilities. They are kings of the wilderness, but there may be a trick or two you could learn to potentially save your life in one of these hair raising experiences.

Let me know what you guys think, any suggestions for future episodes or any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Just come and drop us a message either @thathauntedshow on Instagram or email us at

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So grab a drink, sit back, relax while we try to explain the unexplained...

Stay spooky


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