Episode 122: Why Change Is Difficult

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Welcome back my brothers, to another Alpha Male Coach podcast, and while we are here, welcome to the New Year too! I’m so excited about all the things I have planned for this year — not just in my own life, but also for all the things I will bring to you guys.

Today I’m going to tell you about something called cognitive dissonance. Simply put brothers, cognitive dissonance is the parent that birthed the phrase, “discomfort is the price of growth.” But I’m going to dig a little deeper with you. Change is a simple action, but it’s made harder because of cognitive dissonance. ‘Cognitive’ refers to the mind — your thought. ‘Dissonance’ is the disagreement between two thoughts that you’re holding simultaneously in your mind.

This is a problem. Why? Friends, your thoughts create your reality. Every time you want a new reality, you have to create a new thought, which can create mental discomfort, or cognitive dissonance. See what I mean now?

To keep us on track, there is one easy thought to fill your mind: your dreams aren’t going anywhere. Cognitive dissonance is just a necessity for us to live the best version of your life, you just need to remind yourself that the things you see in the world aren’t necessarily what is going on.

So here is what you gotta do. You need to decide what you want and practice believing it, even though it’s super uncomfortable. Plan for it to be there, expect its presence, and know that it is coming. Then, you’re going to want to disprove the current belief system that you do have. And I have so many more tricks to help you out with this. All you need to do is give me not even a half-hour of your time. Join me today!

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