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In his book, "Linchpin", Seth Godin says that "Artists are people with a genius for finding a new answer, a new connection, or a new way of getting things done." Does that sound like you? If so, welcome to The Artists of Data Science podcast! The ONLY self-development podcast for data scientists. You're here because you want to develop, grow, and flourish. How will this podcast help you do that? Simple. By sharing advice on how to : - Develop in your professional life by getting you advice from the best and brightest leaders in tech - Grow in your personal life by talking to the leading experts on personal development - Stay informed on the latest happenings in the industry - Understand how data science affects the world around us, the good and the bad - Appreciate the implications of ethics in our field by speaking with philosophers and ethicists The purpose of this podcast is clear: to make you a well-rounded data scientist. To transform you from aspirant to practitioner to leader. A data scientist that thinks beyond the technicalities of data, and understands the impact you play in our modern world. Are you up for that? Is that what you want to become? If so, hit play on any episode and let's turn you into an Artist of Data Science!

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