Ep. 55: The most important SaaS metric for a high-growth software company with Rob Froment, CFO at Clio

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Rob Froment, CFO at Clio

I chat with Rob about:
  1. His career journey starting in public practice at Grant Thornton before taking on various progressive finance leadership roles within tech companies and he ended up as the CFO at Clio.
  2. What Clio does and what it is all about.
  3. Clio’s fascinating pricing model which includes aspects of freemium, self-serve vs sales assisted, and account growth through seat expansion . The most important SaaS metrics + leading indicators he considers as CFO.
  4. What he means by “good judgement comes from experiences, and experiences come from bad judgement”.
  5. The biggest misconception about the finance function within growth stage software companies like Clio.
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