Season 13: Episode 7

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tbu comic podcast season 13: episode 7

Steph (@SMozVO), Ian (@ibmmiller), and Theo (@BatmanFan_4Life) bring you Season 13 episode 7 of The Batman Universe Comic Podcast! Reviews: The Joker #2 and Batman #107, including backup stories with Punchline and Ghost-Maker – plus Greater Gotham (Batman: Urban Legends #2, The Next Batman: Second Son #1 (Print edition), and Batman: The Detective #1)! What is happening with Ghost-Maker, Harley, and Punchline? Will Oracle continue to be let down by creative teams? And special guest host Stella from Batgirl to Oracle joins us to review the biggest revelation of the past several years in The Joker! All these questions and more! Send us your feedback at, @TBU_Comics, or on our Discord server!

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