BEE #105: Stop Avoiding THIS and Lose Weight For Good

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The diet industry wants you to believe that if you just change what you eat and move your body a little bit more, you will be able to lose the excess weight you are carrying around. And yes, that might happen but I can promise you that it will come back because the underlying reason that you gained the weight in the first place wasn’t addressed.

In Breakthrough Emotional Eating and The Breakthrough Membership, that is what we do…..we seek to find the hidden reason that you gained the weight, address that, and then go about losing the weight for the last time.

After working with hundreds of clients over the last five years, I have determined what that “thing” is that you are doing that results in overeating and weight gain, and in this week’s podcast I address it head on.

What do you need to stop avoiding in order to lose your excess weight and keep it off forever?

The answer is quite simple yet very complex….


In this week’s podcast I break down why everyone needs to get comfortable with being uncomfortable instead of using food to avoid feelings that make us feel vulnerable, scared, and weak.

You will learn:

  • Why your brain tells you to avoid these feelings and emotions at all cost and why you believe it
  • How avoiding feeling badly directly impacts your emotional eating and your weight
  • The steps you need to take to get yourself comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and how to begin the process of losing your weight forever

Today’s podcast is a game-changer because once you learn that you do not have to overeat to feel better and avoid the bad feelings, weight loss becomes so much easier.

To learn more about how to implement these concepts into your life in order to lose the weight you want forever, I have created my monthly membership, The Breakthrough Membership, to guide you through the process of understanding your brain and how it creates the thoughts that lead you to avoiding the uncomfortable emotions, and how you can change your own thoughts and start thinking, feeling, and acting in a way that will lead to a healthy relationship with food and the weight loss you desire.

For more information on The Breakthrough Membership, click this link and change your life.

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