The Canadian Wargamer Podcast Episode 19:No Guest, Just a Natter

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After a two month absence, which is explained in tedious detail, CWP is back. No guest this month, just Mike and James having a long overdue natter and catchup.

We talk about the Amazon pseudo-Silmarillion series Rings of Power, and whether it will have any influence on wargaming in Middle Earth. Those who know James will know that he has strong opinions. Will Games Workshop offer Rings of Power, oooops, sorry, Second Age figures? No matter, gamers have tons of options for ME suitable figures. James talks about his new Conqueror dwarves like Durin exulting over mithril, and some of his newest recruits (Oathmark, etc) in his Host of the Rohirrim. Jams also offers some thoughts on Lion Rampant 2nd Ed.

Mike talks about his move and a new job, a hobby slump, and maybe starting a gaming group in a new town from scratch. Mike hasn't painted much lately, but has backed some SYW 3D Kickstarters from our friends at Tundra Works and Henry Turner.

We spend the last third of the podcast chatting about the books we've read lately, and James anticipates his trip to LardEh 3 in Hamilton which is long in the past by the time this is published. From what we've seen of James' Twitter feed since then, it was a good time.

Stuff we reference:

Conqueror Models Dwarves:

Lion Rampant Version 2 Rules:


James D. Hornfischer, Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors,

James Holland, Brothers in Arms: One Legendary Tank Regiment's Bloody War From D-Day to VE-Day

Andrew Field, Grouchy’s Waterloo: The Battles of Ligny and Wavre

Humphrey Carpenter, J. R. R. Tolkien: A Biography

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