Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Cane and Rinse No.471

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"Enviromental hazard detected" Part of Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment’s initial foray into the VR market, Star Trek: Bridge Crew recreated one of pop culture’s most memorable open-plan office spaces in the service of asymmetrical cooperative action. But how does it hold up four years later? Chris, Tony, Jesse, and special guest Captain Doctor James Farley settle into their comfy chairs on the virtual bridge of the USS Aegis and investigate the anomalies and alien ships of Star Trek’s distant future. Music featured in this issue:1. Transistion by Danny Pelfrey2. Episode 1 by Danny Pelfreyedited by Jay TaylorYou can support Cane and Rinse and in return receive an often extended version of the podcast four weeks early, along with exclusive podcasts, if you subscribe to our Patreon for the minimum of $2 per month (+VAT). Do you have an opinion about a game we're covering that you'd like read on the podcast? Then venture over to our forum and check out the list of upcoming games we're covering. Whilst there you can join in the conversations with our friendly community in discussing all things relating to videogames, along with lots of other stuff too. Sound good? Then come and say hello at The Cane and Rinse forum

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