Episode 62: Dawn Tyree (from child bride to advocate)

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This week I have on special guest Dawn Tyree.
She breaks down her tragic (and sadly super common in the 44 states where it's legal) story of being married off by her parents at age 13 to her abuser who had gotten her pregnant. But her story doesn't stop there. She talks about the pivotal moment where she decided to escape and make a better life for herself and her children against all the odds.
You can find this brave woman on Twitter: @Dawnbtyree
Anyone can join the coalition. Call to action: (any state) Global Hope 365 will help you draft a resolution to stand against child marriage in your community.
Human trafficking:
1 888-373-7888
or text: *help* at 233733
Facts: 300,000 children were married in the United States between 2000 & 2018.
States that have no minimum age:
New Mexico
West Virginia
States that have abolished child marriage since 2018:
2018 - Delaware & New Jersey
2020 - Pennsylvania & Minnesota
2021 - Rhode Island & New York
44 States to go!!
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