The Creative Hustle: Support and Inspiration for Creatives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs explicit

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The Creative Hustle is a community where creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs can share their dreams and ideas, gain insight and inspiration, and step up their hustle. Whether you are a small-business owner, designer, producer, artist, performer, or you’re just dipping your toe into creating something new, our group, podcast, workshops, and retreats will provide support, resources, and great ideas for managing your creative work. Although we all learn from each other in our work together, our Creative Hustle club is run by two creative entrepreneurs, Lauren Oliver and Dr. Karen Bartlett. Lauren is a Social Media Strategist who owns Create & Flourish, a company specializing in social media strategy, branding, and web design for creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and visionaries. Karen is a therapist, educator, author, producer, and emcee who focuses on mental health, creativity, and communication. Together, we hope to bring you a comfortable place to learn and grow.

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