The Jarred Vanderbilt Game: The KAT And Vando Pairing + Can The Wolves Grow On O? + 4 Wins In A Row

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On today’s show, we breakdown the Timberwolves fourth consecutive win — a win on the road against the Houston, fueled by a career-high in points and rebounds for Jarred Vanderbilt, who keeps expanding his offensive game. We also discuss Karl-Anthony Towns’ biggest scoring night of the season thus far, and how it feels like the Wolves have clearly taken themselves to a level well beyond the riff-raff of the bottom of the Western Conference. Specific topics include:

— Being able to bring the fire, even with Patrick Beverley out

— How Jarred Vanderbilt’s 21 points tonight are the culmination of a trend that has show Vando’s offensive role grow

— KAT’s 40-point night, and how the Wolves have began to position KAT in a way that fits better around Vanderbilt

— How the COVID games helped lay a framework for an offense predicated on ball movement

— Nowell, Beasley and Okogie contributing off the bench

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