The Why Behind Building The Dating Advisory Board

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The Dating Advisory Board takes business strategies commonly used in the business boardroom and applies them to successes in life, dating, and partnerships. Have you defined your core values and the core values that you would want in a partner to have a healthy and successful relationship? Successful businesses do it all the time.. they have clear core values and mission statements to help their companies run smoothly and efficiently and attract the right clients that align with those values. Why should our dating life be any different? Are you ready to rock your love life? Download my free guide From Your Core: Identifying, understanding, and live your core values for your happiest life and relationships? Download here: Watch and download the latest episodes from our vlog/podcasts Facebook page: Website: Facebook page: Instagram: @thedatingadvisory @jenhecht1 iTunes: Soundcloud: jenhecht1 Tiktok : jenhecht1

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