Entry 25: Arachne

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Quill and Martin have a nice visit to the library, where Quill introduces two of their friends to him. Essa delivers the message that Abby wants their help, and Calinox has some wisdom to share. Meanwhile, Abby receives a few unwelcome reminders...

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“Ciarra Wideau” played by Juno Miller

“Quill Taylor” played by J. R. Steele

“Martin” played by Danny C. Haynes

“Eron” played by Jamie Rosati

“Kal” played by The Rot

“Amor” played by River Toepler

“Abby” played by J. R. Steele

“Essa” played by Sam Lueke

Writing, theme music, and sound editing by J. R. Steele

Script editor: River Toepler

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