#49 Spawn and On and On

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Today, we’re joined by Ben Sittig (IG: @carelessethiopian) to talk about how we interact with fish engaged in pre-coital preparations; if we’re going to interrupt trout as they get ready to get busy; whether or not we f*&# with a fish about to f*&#. And at the end, we have a pretty big announcement regarding the future of this podcast. So stick around. This episode of the DrakeCast is made possible by our longtime sponsors Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and Scott Fly Rods. We couldn't do this without them. We're also supported by Deli Fresh Design, an apparel company that specializes in creating fishing gear out of recycled materials. This week they're doing a special giveaway on their Instagram so make sure to check 'em out @DeliFreshDesign. www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/ www.delifreshdesign.com/ www.scottflyrod.com/

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