#52 Mosquitos & Char

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Ok folks, welcome back to the drakecast. This week, we have a different sort of episode for ya. Rather than taking a dive into some controversial topic, we're going to feature Dave Zoby reading his essay “Mosquitos & Char” which appeared in the Winter 2019 Issue of the Drake Magazine. You may remember his voice from the bonus episode “Dancing with Death on the Bighorn” which came out in August. To read this story and a whole bunch of other good stuff, grab the latest issue of the Drake. So that’s pretty much it. Additionally, Dave Zoby has a new book out called “Fish Like You Mean It.” Unfortunately the cover features a dead king salmon and a spinning rod, but I promise there are lots of good flyfishing stories in there as well. You can find "Fish Like You Mean It" through the link below or wherever books are sold. https://www.amazon.com/Fish-Like-Mean-David-Zoby/dp/1976886589 Many thanks to Scott Fly Rods and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures for making this episode possible. https://www.scottflyrod.com/ https://www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/

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