Serendipity Ep. 70

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On this weeks episode, we discuss Joe Biden cancelling student loans for 16,000 Americans while 2 major airlines are merging in the remake of Soul Plane. Erin Jackson becomes the first Black Woman to win a medal in speed skating and Sha’Carri Richardson is owed a huge apology in the wake of a Russian figure skater being allowed to compete in the wake of testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. A family has a big win in court with a Tobacco company, avocados from Mexico have been banned in the United States until further notice and birds in Mexico are falling out of the sky! Mark Cuban is rumored to be opening a pharmacy with low cost meds and Felecia Jackson, CEO and Inventor of CPR Wrap, invents a dummy proof method to assist people in the community with performing CPR. In the Rehab Corner, we discuss a story of misrepresentation versus harassment when it comes to one COTA.

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