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New episodes released weekly on Wednesday nights at 9pm Pacific Time.The History of the Evergreen State is a weekly show that focuses on various topics surrounding the history of the great state of Washington. From iconic people to maritime disasters, to a war with only a pig casualty, various disasters, and every interesting story in between. Episodes will either be self-contained single episode stories or in a two-part format, for the most part My intent with this podcast is to bring a lecture-style show to people interested in learning more about little known events in Washington State, and I do script things out a bit so I don't miss information, so I'm sorry if you don't like my delivery, I can't please everyone, and I try my best, so that's all I really can do. Music by Al Hirsch and used with his permission. Have feedback? Please email the show at you listen on Spotify or ITunes, please leave a 5 star review, it really helps to grow the show.

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