Episode 41: Life after Death

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Is there life after death and, if so, what is it like?

Mary McGovern interviews author Else Byskov about her understanding that there certainly is a life after death, that death is an illusion and that we experience many lives through reincarnation. She gives us a hint of a world of extraordinary beauty beyond the physical world in the hope of preparing us for what is to come.

For further reading see the free online version of Martinus’s book “The Principle of Reincarnation”: https://www.martinus.dk/en/ttt/index.php?bog=16.

Else Byskov has written and published nine books in English about Martinus Cosmology, including Life After Death in a Nutshell, Fate and Karma in a Nutshell, Reincarnation in a Nutshell (with Maria McMahon), Death is an Illusion and The Art of Attraction. Some of her books are also available in Danish, German and Spanish. See her website: http://newspiritualscience.com/

This podcast was recorded by Mary McGovern at The Martinus Centre, Klint, Denmark on 7th June 2021.

Music composed and performed by Lars Palerius.

Martinus’s literature is available online on the Martinus Institute’s website: www.martinus.dk/en. Here you can also find information about the international summer courses at the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark.

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