Ep. 328: Test My Meat

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Steven Rinella talks with Kimi Werner, Kevin Gillespie, Sean Weaver, Ryan Callaghan, Chester Floyd, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: The MeatEater Laboratory’s new Warner-Bratzler Shear Force Machine; a hot tip on how to clean sausage stuffers and meat grinders; Peeps, cheap French bread, and critter flesh; how Cal likes his tenderloin smashed and fried; proper scientific testing methods; the antelope that didn't know what was coming; scoring tenderness; eating your experiment; how to submit your meat for testing; "Outdoor Kids in an Inside World" companion hot tips; FirstLite's Omen Stormshelter rainwear is out now; NWTF's Turkey Trek; Kevin's new show, "Sabertooth"; the science behind brining and preserving; how it's now legal to eat roadkill in WY; an obsession with excavation; socially tender; Kimi's first duck hunt on an episode of “Duck Lore”; when all ten toe nails fall off; truth and consequences in Truth Or Consequences; gummy bongo people and rescue trucks; how honesty is always the best policy; Steve's night in jail; know where you're hunting; and more.

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