Walking Through the Fear in Your Career & Life with Jennifer Miller

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For many mid-career professionals, staying where you are and advancing within your organization is a solid and decisive move, especially if your company has invested in your growth and development.

My guest today is one of my long-term coaching clients, Jennifer Miller. Jennifer is an outstanding program manager for a Fortune 50 company who uses her genius to build meaningful client relationships while having powerful intentional conversations with her team and leadership.

Jennifer and I get on the mic to discuss what makes her an excellent program manager, along with why she values being organizationally loyal to advance her career. We also discuss how her career path accelerated when she started having intentional conversations about her growth and development and what it means to walk through the fear in your career and life. And if that isn’t enough, Jennifer is also a health coach who, through her Arbonne business, helps people lead healthier and more balanced lives because they pay attention to their bodies and what they need mentally and physically.

You can connect with Jennifer Miller on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-miller-30a48672/

You can connect with Jennifer Miller through her Arbonne website at: https://www.arbonne.com/us/en/arb/jennifermiller23630960/

You can email Jennifer at jgmiller910@gmail.com to connect and learn more about her.

Key Topics & Time Stamps:

· Jennifer’s Introduction as a Program Manager and a Health Coach (1:30)

· When Jennifer Responded to My Email About Coaching and Why That Came at a Time When She Was at a Professional Crossroad (4:41)

· Being Organizationally Loyal and Wondering What’s Next (12:10)

· What Makes Jennifer a Really Good Program Manager? (14:48)

· The Power of Having Intentional Conversations (17:06)

· Knowing Her Worth in Her Career (19:14)

· Walking Through the Fear in Your Career and Life (22:45)

· Jennifer’s Passion for Health and Wellness (26:05)

· Just Eat a Cookie (33:00)

· What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who Is Navigating Their Mid-Career Journey? (35:40)

· How to Connect with Jennifer Miller (39:19)

List of Resources:

· Rich Lucey on #SHOWUP2020 – Why Proofreading and Editing Are Essential Career Skills

· SHOW UP - Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career

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