Mama's Summer Self-Care Ideas

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Let's have some fun this summer--and maybe consider some self care in the process!
You deserve a break, Mama! Here are a few ideas you can do this summer to give yourself a little pick me up. We talk about healthy budgets having a space for spending money, and here are a few ideas of summer fun that might fit that self-care list.
Ranging from free to a tad bit more of a splurge, consider taking time to do something for yourself today. You deserve it!
Here are a few ideas we had:

  • A floppy sun hat
  • Pretty dress/outfit
  • Some snazzy sunnies (sunglasses)
  • Iced coffee/water cup
  • Library card for you or your kids
  • A light beach read
  • Mani/pedi
  • Blowout
  • Laundry service or housekeeper
  • Day at water park

What are some of your favorite self care splurges?

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