How GitOps Benefits from Security-as-Code

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Security-as-code is the practice of “building security into DevOps tools and workflows by mapping out how changes to code and infrastructure are made and finding places to add security checks, tests, and gates without introducing unnecessary costs or delays,” according to tech publisher O’Reilly. In this latest “pancakes and podcast” special episode —recorded during a pancake breakfast during KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in October — we discuss how security-as-code can benefit emerging GitOps practices.

The guests were Sean O’Dell, director of developer advocacy, Accurics, Sara Joshi, who was an associate software engineer for Accurics when this recording was made; Parminder Singh, chief information security officer (CISO), for hybrid-cloud digital-transformation services provider DigitalOnUs; Brendan O’Leary, staff developer evangelist, GitLab; Cindy Blake, senior security evangelist, GitLab; and Emily Omier, contributor, The New Stack and owner of marketing consulting provider Emily Omier Consulting.

Alex Williams, founder and publisher of TNS, hosted the podcast.

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