Low-code, No-code Can Work for Cloud Native

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The definition of “low-code, no-code” remains a subject of debate. For some, it is the ability for a so-called “citizen developer” who lacks the training and skills to develop software — to be able to rely on a platform to deploy code with the same level of competence as that of a professional software engineer. Others describe low-code, no-code as a way to rely on a platform that facilitates software development — while automating many of the tasks in a build — to both simplify the process for inexperienced developers and to save time and resources for experienced developers. In both cases in this increasingly crowded space, low-code, no-code makes the coding and software development process simpler and more automated as a result.

In the case of low-code, no-code platform provider gopaddle, the idea is to to “unleash the power of a no-code platform for modern applications.” How low-code, no-code can be applied to Go-centric applications running in cloud native environments was the main subject of this The New Stack Makers podcast with Vinothini Raju, founder and CEO, gopaddle as the guest. The New Stack founder and publisher Alex Williams and TNS news editor Darryl Taft hosted the conversation.

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