Are Montana's Trout in Trouble? With Pat Byorth

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This week we continue our exploration of Trout in Trouble, specifically in Montana. Pat Byorth [52:56], Montana Fish Commissioner [52:56], and I discuss the current decline of brown trout in southwest Montana, what you should do if you fish there during this hot, low-water year, and what the future may hold. He'll give some good advice on being a responsible angler during this tough period.

In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions, comments, and tips, including: Not all Scandinavians hold their rods high when playing fish What can I do to find trout in pools in big rivers? Whay would a trout refuse my size 14 mayfly and then take a stonefly nymph? Why is my back cast dropping? A tip for making copper tungsten beads into matte gray beads with a lighter How do I teach kids how to cast a nymph rig? Why do my Elk Hair Caddis flies only float briefly? What is the best way to renew a dry fly tied with snowshoe rabbit fur? Some tips for a listener who had trouble mending line How often should I fish with a guide and how often should I fish alone if I want to learn more? Where is there no zonked gray squirrel available? How do I repair streamers where the coneheads, beads, or dumbbell eyes twist after a few uses? Why did I use five bluefish in a row? Can you fish tandem streamers? A listener corrects my physics knowledge How can I fish nymphs on a day so windy it blows my indicator downstream? A tip from a listener on using Euro nymphing techniques with an indicator. Is there a standard for hook wire gauge so I can determine when a clinch knot won't work?

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