Interview with Twin Peaks guest star Sara Paxton

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This week I'm talking with Sara Paxton, who appeared in Part 4 of Twin Peaks: The Return as Candy Shaker, wife of Dougie Jones' coworker Bill. Sara shared her strange (and perfectly Lynchian) experience auditioning and acting on the show, and it's everything you'd want and more from a David Lynch production. We also talked about Sara's life growing up as an actor, her love of dogs, and the Seinfeld character she was nicknamed while filming The Inkeepers

This week’s musical guest is Luca De Paoli, an Italian singer-songwriter who’s released four self-produced albums and performed around the world. His latest album, Into The Night, is a tribute to the great composer and David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. Stick around after the interview for Luca's cover of Badalamenti’s “Sycamore Trees.”

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"Sycamore Trees" courtesy of Luca De Paoli

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