ANDOR Preview, ROGUE SQUADRON Grounded, and D23 Star Wars Panels - THE JEDI WAY

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On this latest episode of THE JEDI WAY, hosts JOHN ROCHA and LAURA KELLY talk LUCASFILM and DISNEY grounding ROGUE SQUADRON and PATTY JENKINS for the forseseeable future and MANNY JACINTO being cast in THE ACOLYTE. They also preview ANDOR and what we can expect from the series. Then they discuss and dive in deep on the STAR WARS panel at D23 Including THE MANDALORIAN, AHSOKA, TALES OF THE JEDI, SKELETON CREW, THE BAD BATCH and more!
➡️ Chapters:
0:00 Intro and Rundown
2:39 TALES OF THE JEDI D23 Panel
10:38 ROGUE SQUADRON Removed from Disney Release Calendar
16:03 Manny Jacinto Cast in THE ACOLYTE
18:24 ANDOR Preview and D23 Panel News
28:41 BAD BATCH Season 2 D23 News and Release Date Change
33:20 SKELETON CREW D23 News and Analysis
36:07 AHSOKA D23 News and Details About the Show
44:27 THE MANDALORIAN S3 D23 Details and Footage Analysis
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